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Boston's and other subway tunnels

tunnel comparision





street section








Present Conditions


Tremont Tunnel









Tremont Street Subway as originally built.
(top left)
















Tunnel work long Boston Garden and Boylston Street.








Boylston Station area, corner of Tremont Street and Boylston Street. Subway tunnel excavations.








Initial excavation for the Tremont Street Subway in the area of Park Street Station (Boston Common)













History always was and continues to be present in Boston where new and old technologies cross-pollinate. (Park Street Station)










Comparison between Boston's, New York City's, and European subways and tunnels.











The complexity of the infrastructure on the site is impressive particularly considering that this particular section of the tunnel was built over a century ago. The drawing above shows the intricacies of the late nineteen-century infrastructure in the relationship to subway tunnels.













Tremont Street Section showing the relationship between underground tunnels, adjacent buildings, and below-street-level infrastructure.












During our site visit we were able to investigate existing conditions of Tremont Street Tunnel and to better understand its spatial qualities. In many ways, what we saw exceeded our expectations and gave us a good working data to further develop our ideas.
















Tunnels are not just tunnels. There are also other unique spatial configurations that just make our imagination fly.


























Andrzej (left) and Sapir (right) in the Eliot Yard Tunnel under Harvard Square surveying the  abandoned tunnel.










Tremont Street Subway tunnel, view towards Boylston Station (inbound track).










Entering Bellmouth area under Tremont Street.











View in the opposite direction (from Bellmouth) towards Boylston Station.














Pleasant Street incline area, multiple parallel subway tracks open a broad space.

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